Age and Beauty

With age this has taken on a whole new beautiful take on life.


On one of our buying trips we were unable to find anywhere to eat with our mum's little dog so we pulled up in a car park next to a McDonalds and pulled out the buys for the day and had our dining experience in the car park.

Tea Light Candle Holders

Made from rollers of a Tomato Grader from our farm. No longer able to use wooden rollers with regulation we have found ways to recycle them and continue their story and purpose in life.

Art Deco Coffee Table

This piece was discarded as a piece of junk, till we gave it new life.

Farm Gate

I was given this gate, but I left it where it stood. I just couldn't bring myself to disturb the beautiful image.


Sometimes the beauty in things are with their age.

Humble Beginnings

This is where it all started.