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5 reasons why you should consider buying second-hand

1. Reducing Waste

This is a no brainer I don’t need to preach here, we all know how much society in general consumes each day. Flat pack furniture has become so popular these days and the décor is so much easier to change each season. When we get bored we can easily just walk into a discount store or shopping mall chain and redecorate our whole house for such a low price. But is it? For we have not paid for the long term prices of these new trends and items.

Furniture these days is not made for longevity and therefor tends to end up somewhere when it no longer suits its function and because its made not to last and was mass produced this 'Somewhere' is quite often landfill.

If you ever consider buying second-hand furniture you are helping reduce waste and keeping landfill down. Every purchase we make should be valued for not only how much it has cost you, but what it has or will cost the environment in the future.

Often when you buy second hand you are buying something that has been used and tested and stood the test of time. If it is made out of wood and not chipboard it can be easily restored and renewed to suit a modern lifestyle and when you want a change simply re-paint or varnish to suit your home.

2. Continuing a story

This a personal preference for me, I like to think that when I buy a pre-loved piece I am giving it a second chance or even a third. They tell stories through marks left behind on them by their previous owners.

We had a little side cupboard in a couple of months ago, made of silky oak and was more than likely used as a bedside table. I couldn’t be sure that the door knob was the original but what was really awesome about it was the wear in the wood. Beside the door knob you could clearly see the mark where the thumb was constantly placed to help pull it open, wearing it down to a smooth crescent. This little side table would have been at least 100 years old.

Needless to say it had a lot of interest and didn’t take long to find its new home. The lady who purchased it was going to use it in an entry way with a fern on top of it. I can see it now, beautiful silky oak with a big luscious green fern placed on top.

In its first life it would have been used as practical piece of furniture for day to day use and now its been used as a piece to decorate a space to bring happiness. I don’t just buy and sell vintage items I like to think I rehome them.

3. Quality

If something has lived for 100 years or even 50 I can assure you that what you are buying is of top quality. Furniture that was made 100 years ago was made with structural integrity and of real wood. Over time it can dry and shrink but it will still have life, if cared for and given the proper treatment it will live for many lifetimes. If it’s had a hard life it can be restored, it may need some TLC but when brought back it will still last many life times.

Bringing us back to our first point keeping landfill down.

4. One off pieces

You could go to a shopping mall chain and buy a piece of furniture to decorate your home, and you could go to another and buy a vase to set it off. But I can guarantee you that there are 1000’s of that same piece in other homes for they have been mass produced.

I don’t know about you but I like to think that I have something a little bit different. Before the days of mass produced products from china, pieces where made only in the hundred's not thousands and in some cases they where one off’s.

For example when you buy a hand blown Fenton vase you will not find any two of the same. You may find something of similar colour or style but never the same. When you buy a piece of furniture that was made 100 years ago, you will be hard pressed to find the same piece twice, especially if it was hand crafted and not pressed.

5. Saving Money

Everybody likes saving a bit of money and with buying second hand it can make saving a whole lot easier. Chain products can be cheap to buy but because they are also mass produced they can also be cheap in quality. So putting that little bit of extra time and money in at the start when buying and, or repairing something second hand is totally worth it, Because that 'English Oak side board' you may have just bought, even though its 80 years old already, will last you, the next person and quite possibly its third owners lifetime, which sounds pretty amazing if you ask me. You can pass it down the family line and it will continue to serve its purpose, unlike the 50 chipboard side boards you would have to have bought to compete with it. ;)

We have always offered very reasonable prices on all our pieces and we believe you can save a lot of money by shopping with us.

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