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Researching a Sign

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Where to start?

This sign came to us, just this last week in a shed clean out. I didn't get to ask any questions at the time as to how they came across it as the shop was full of customers.

The only thing we had to go on was that it was in Maryland street and had a three digit phone number. This gave us an idea of the decade. I had never heard of them before. The only Nicholson's I knew were in Thorndale at the end of Nicholson's Road.

So I asked "Stanthorpe on Facebook Group" if anyone remembers the business that went with the name on the sign.

I didn't get as many hits as I would have liked, but what we did find out was the business existed in the early 1960's. His name was Joel Nicholson and it was a plumbing store, that also sold McCulloch chain saws (thankyou Chris Thompson for that information).

The business was located across the road from the Commercial hotel. Since then it has been occupied by the likes of 'Stanthorpe and Camping' and is currently occupied by 'Pure Inca'.

So now we have a location and date, I searched the internet for a photo of the shop in the main street. Unfortunately it turns out that the main focus for this time (no surprise) is the Post Office or the Commercial Hotel. So this made it difficult to find a photo of the shop and the only one I could get my hands on came at a cost with a licence fee attached to it.

I'm on a budget so I wasn't willing to pay the fee but who says I cant give you the link so you can have a look your self. You have to look real hard at the photo, but it is there on the left with a power pole out the front.

Link here

Now don't give me a hard time, I couldn't pay the private price I would have had to pay the website price and I'm a broke ass farmer.

Please feel free to send me any information that you might have and I can update the blog accordingly. Research is something that you learn to do overtime and I'm learning on the go.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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